ADU Owner/Developer Consultations

On-site ADU consultations are a good option for homeowners who are getting serious about the idea of building an ADU on their property. I recommend the ADU classes to get the best overview of the design and build process. But, the on-site consultations are best if you are seeking tailored advice to ensure that you can build an ADU on your property before jumping into the design development process, or if you’re unable to attend a class. During the consult, I’ll provide:

  • personalized cost and ADU financing options advice based on your project
  • ADU design considerations for your site
  • guidance on your next steps in the ADU development process

I also can provide expert advice on the following topics:

  • specific questions around legality, zoning, building code requirements, site constraints, the Accessory Structure Zoning Code update, and likely development options under the Residential Infill Project
  • during real estate transactions- assessing ADU options and feasibility
  • financing, property tax impacts of ADUs, timelines
  • unusual property (site) considerations
  • considering several major accessory dwelling options on your site or multiple sites
  • building science, rebates


$200 for the consultation and a copy of Backdoor Revolution- The Definitive Guide to ADU Development. Consultations typically last 1.5-2 hours.

I only provide consultations in the City of Portland. Contact me at if if you’d like to set up an on-site consultation.

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Hi Kol

I did want to follow up and to thank you for your extremely helpful and inspiring consult yesterday. I felt I was getting the straight answer for every question I asked, not something that you cooked up for your own personal gain. You are a wealth of useful information for those of us who are embarking or thinking about embarking on building an ADU. You may not have any idea of the impact you are having on the future of the city by providing tangible, current, relevant, and important material for those of us who have some space that we want to do right by. I feel as if I have an invaluable resource at hand whose skills and knowledge are “high road” variety. 
Thanks for having and sharing your integrity. The city should thank you too!! 

Best regards and thanks. 

Thank you so much for taking time with us on Saturday.  We all found it extremely helpful and we’re excited to build the ADU.  Your knowledge and approach to helping folks is very effective.  Keep it up.

Have a great week.