To assist homeowners with the ADU development process, we have developed an online class about how to build an ADU, featuring:

  • 20 classes covering every facet of ADU development from ADU costs to financing, design to permitting, and construction to rental management approaches
  • 40+ quick tips from out in the field covering tips on ADU specific building information
  • Interviews with 6 ADU owners who are going through the ADU development process themselves
  • Walking tours of ADUs
  • Tips and advice on where to access additional resources to help you through the ADU development process
  • Answers to your questions from an expert. If you sign up before July 30th, we’ll be adding the opportunity to attend live Q&A sessions, where I’m available to answer any ADU development questions you have.

The Building an ADU website features a video blog of my 2017 ADU development project, in-depth articles about the costs of ADUs and common ways to finance them, quick tips from the ADU web course, photos of ADUs for you to use, as well as a ADU design principles and ADU Resources packet.

Building an ADU - Google Chrome_2017-05-26_14-48-19