Accessory Dwelling Strategies LLC is designed to help others build ADUs and offers a range of services and programs to this end.

The company is me, Kol Peterson. I offer homeowner ADU classes and on-site ADU consultations for people who are interested in building an ADU on their property. I offer realtor ADU classes through Earth Advantage LLC, and run Portland’s city-wide ADU Tour.  I offer professional and certified instructional ADU programs, and offer a range of speaking, consulting services. I also direct my own special projects, as well participate in national and local ADU advocacy efforts.

The classes cover a huge amount of information which is intended to synthesize everything I wish I’d known before I started to plan for my ADU.

The on-site consultations are useful for providing more customized feedback on-site. Many prospective ADU owners have a unique set of design criteria, site constraints, and financial considerations. The purpose of the individualized consultations is to distill an extensive amount of information about what has worked and why, and what doesn’t work and why.

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